Ferry in Goa

Have you ever thought of crossing river while sitting in your taxi along with family members or friends by paying just Rupees 10 or maximum Rupees 55 on longer ferry routes while enjoying Goan beauty in its original form!!!

A Ferry ride in Goa is perfect for those people who want to see Goa in its real and rural form. Travelling on the waves of Arabian Sea and enjoying the cool breeze is sure to provide a romantic experience. In a place like Goa, one can find several services providers offering transportation via boats and ferries. Having a number of crisscrossing rivers and creeks, Goa's water transport services provide cheap and easy modes of transport connecting you to various parts of the city. Most of the areas of Goa, particularly the tourist spots are connected by an efficient transportation network. Apart from roads, one can also take water route to travel from one destination to another in Goa.

Boats and ferries in Goa are important means of internal transportation. Flat bottomed ferry boats form a part of Goa as her marine beauty, the ferries of Goa provide an essential means of transport connecting different regions of the state. Ferry service in Goa act as a lifeline connecting various regions where bridges are yet to be built over the coastal backwaters. These boats and ferries take in almost everyone and everything, like local fisherwomen carrying their ware to smart foreigners, motorbikes, cars, cattles and other heavy items from one place to another.

Various small villages surrounding the coast of Goa are connected by ferry. For tourists, it is a unique experience to travel by ferry, but for locals it is a day to day affair. There are places where one cannot reach without crossing the sea, for such destinations ferry is the only option. Ferries are cheap and the easiest means to reach the countryside of Goa. The ferry services in Goa are regular and affordable and thus they have become the backbone of water transport in Goa.

By travelling with ferry tourists, get a chance to experience the countryside and folk life of Goa. For example, you can try taking a ferry ride from old Goa and go to a place called Divar Island or take a ferry at Cortalim to reach Old Goa when travelling from Margao. Ferry services being the lifeline of transportation in the state are seen connecting various major destinations.

So if you are in Goa, then make sure you enjoy the great and the most unusual ferry services of Goa by travelling to some of the major tourist destinations of the state which are connected by ferries. This will not only give the tourist unusual and pleasurable local water rides, but will also give the essence of folk culture which is very vibrant and rich in Goa. In some places, crossing the water becomes essential if one has to go to the other side; and at such times, taking the services provided by the boats and ferries in Goa is either the only way or the easiest way. The boat and ferries in Goa are quite regular.

Main ferry routes that are basically targeted at the tourism industry are between

  • Panaji and Betim for the Back Road to Candolim and Calangute

  • Kerim and Tiracol for the Terekhol Fort

  • Old Goa and Divar Island

  • Ribander and Chorao for Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

  • Cavelossim and Assolna for Reaching the Areas of Banaulim to Palolem

  • Cortalim and Madkaim for reaching Old Goa from Madgao

Ticket collectors have been appointed for the sale of tickets on board the ferries. The ferry rates are fixed by the Government of Goa from time to time and it’s very reasonable. Maximum charges are up to Rupees 55 only. On board ferryboats wooden benches are provided for sitting purposes. Each ferryboat is provided with first aid facilities, Lifesaving Appliances and Fire Fighting equipment to take care of any eventuality.

Useful Contact Details

        Traffic Section (24 hours open): +91 832 2410801

        Administration Office: +91 832 2410790

        Fax: +91 832 2414485

        Public Grievances Officer: +91 832 2410790

        Email: admn-river.goa@nic.in

        Official Address: River Navigation Department,

        Opp. Gurudwara, Betim, Bardez-Goa

List of Ferry Routes in Goa

Sr. No

Ferry route

Ferry Operation Timing


Kerim - Tiracol

6.00 to 22.15 hrs



6.00 to 23.30 hrs



6.40 to 21.00 hrs



5.50 to 23.15 hrs



6.15 to 00.15 hrs



6.00 to 00.10 hrs



6.00 to 22.00 hrs



6.00 to 02.00 hrs (next day)


St. Pedro-Diwar

6.30 to 00.45 hrs


Old Goa-Piedade

6.00 to 02.15 hrs



6.00 to 23.35 hrs



6.00 to 24.00 hrs



6.00 to 23.30 hrs



5.50 to 22.00 hrs



5.45 to 23.30 hrs



6.00 to 21.10 hrs



6.15 to 20.30 hrs



6.15 to 21.15 hrs



6.15 to 20.45 hrs


Adpai - Rassai



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