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Getting around Goa by scooter or motorcycle is probably the most popular form of transport, both for locals and tourists. If you plan to spend most of your time lying on the beach you may have little use for a motorcycle, but if you’ve the urge to explore even slightly far afield, you’ll soon find it’s a hassle without your own transport. The freedom, therefore, that a motorcycle affords is hard to beat.

An international driving permit is not technically mandatory, but it’s wise to bring one. The first thing a policeman will want to see if he stops you is your licence, and an international permit is incontrovertible. Permits are available from your home automobile association.

Hiring a motorcycle in Goa is easy. Hirers will normally keep your some of your ID before handing over the vehicle; it’s normal. Private bike owners are not technically allowed to rent out a machine. This means that if you are stopped by the police for any reason, your hirer would prefer that you say you have borrowed it from a ‘friend’. Laws on this sort of thing are almost universally ignored in North Goa where anything goes, but police can be more opportunistic in the south. It’s a good idea to keep registration papers in the bike – it gives the police one less argument against you, and if you don’t have a valid licence, or you’re not wearing a helmet on NH17 (the national highway), you’ll need all the help you can get.

If you leave the state, you may need to produce original documents for the vehicle you are driving or riding. If you want to go further afield from Goa, you need to hire from a licensed agency to stay within the law.

Outside of the high season you can get a scooter for as little as Rs.200 per day. During high season (November to February) the standard rate is Rs200 to Rs600. Expect to pay Rs400 for a 100cc bike and up to Rs600 for an Enfield. Obviously, the longer you hire a bike (and the older it is), the cheaper it becomes.

Make absolutely sure that you agree with the owner about the price. Clarify whether one day is 24 hours, and that you won’t be asked to pay extra for keeping it overnight. You may be asked to pay cash up front (which is fair, given that they’re handing over their motorbike), but get a written receipt of some sort to that effect. Also try to take down the phone number of the owner, or his mechanic, in case something goes wrong with the bike.

It makes sense to check the bike over before you hire it and make a note of any damage or broken parts, so that you’re not blamed for it later. Make sure brakes, lights, horn and the all essential parts are working. You can manage without a petrol gauge but it’s nice when it works. Mirrors are useful, but many older rental bikes are missing them. Take a look at the condition of the tyres to make sure that they are not badly worn out. Ensure to take helmet from the hirer; there is no extra charge for the helmet.

GoaTourismTravels’s recommendation - Even though there are hundreds of agents who rent bikes (some are good but some are bad too), we recommend following for their excellent service:

1:-  For South Goa: - Hire cost ranges from Rs.200 to Rs.500, depending on make/type of vehicle and the number of days hired for.

        Safe Special Services,

        Villa Andrade House no.1,

        Cansaulim, South Goa. Pin – 403712

        Telephone: + 91 9960803461



2:-  For North & South Goa: - Hire cost ranges from Rs.200 to Rs.600, depending on make/type of vehicle and the number of days hired for.

        Daniel Tours & Travel,

        H. No. 143/B, Shree Nivas,

        Zerri, Zuari Nagar, South Goa. Pin – 403726

        Telephone: +91 832 2556520

        Mobile:        +91 9890916520  &  +91 9923106520



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