Health Care

There are pharmacies in all the towns in Goa as also along the beach belt. These are always well-stocked, selling drugs manufactured in India under license from foreign companies.

Medications can usually be bought over the counter. Most good hotels also have a doctor on call to take care of most complaints and prescribe medicines. The staff at your hotel is also usually the best source for the name of the nearest recommended doctor. There are also government and private hospitals in most major tourist areas as also a number of private doctors with clinics.

The main, well equipped hospitals are in the cities of Panaji, Mapusa, Margao and Vasco-da-Gama. There are also a number of ambulance services run by private, government and charitable institutions available on call. However if you are unfortunate to have been involved in an accident, the quickest way to get to hospital is by taxi or private car.

  • Call 108 for Medical emergencies.

  • Call 100 for Police.

  • Call 101 for Fire.

It has been rightly said "Precaution is the best cure". Taking care of your health when you are on a vacation is very important. No one wants to come to a new place and call in sick, missing out on those enjoyable trips and delicious food. Though there are no chances of serious illness or epidemics in Goa, health precautions must be taken by everyone; right from the six year old to the sixty year old. Some basic health and safety tips for Goa travellers are given below:

  • We all love roadside junk food. You may try out local cuisines, but make sure that they are made under hygienic circumstances. Do not try food that is uncovered or made in dirty surroundings.

  • Do not drink water from road side vendor. Buy bottled mineral water from decent shops since most health complications occur due to drinking contaminated water.

  • Avoid eating salads and cut fruits from roadside vendors and small restaurants. If you are at a posh hotel, you may try them.

  • In case you get hurt, consult the local doctor or the nearest hospital. It is advisable that you carry some first aid items like band aids, antiseptic cream, burn lotion, etc. with you.

  • If you have a health condition like diabetes, bronchitis, asthma, etc. bring along adequate supply of medicines along with the prescription.

  • Bring along sun tan lotion while you go to beaches since the sun can be quite strong here and there are chances of a skin burn.