Trip to Goa during Monsoons

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What to expect in Goa during Monsoons

Goa is visited by millions of tourists every year and majority of them visit during the peak season from October to March. But due to off season months of monsoons starting from June and lasting up to September, very few tourists visit Goa . Believe it or not but Goa is at its most beautiful form during the monsoons. The  rainy season in Goa  is simply a magical  experience as the real beauty and grandeur of Goa is at its height during  the rainy season  when it offers you a plethora of unique experiences. The rivers joyfully overflow with  their rushing streams, the trees dance to the tune of the winds, the mountains and the fields cover themselves with a verdant green carpet ready to welcome you to a land of eternal beauty.

Swimming in the sea at this time of the year is out of the question as the sea is very rough and the swells  are high. Goa in the rains is a serene and peaceful place for those seeking break from their busy schedule of the urban world. During monsoons the shacks close down and the vendors move elsewhere in search of business. The showers bring an amazing transformation to Goa, making it a loner's paradise. Just you and the lush green palm trees swaying in the coastal monsoon breeze. With the cloud canopy above, the cool green cover over the Western Ghats cast a charm, which rejuvenates you, reconnects you with your inner being. One can spend the monsoon walking on the beaches while it drizzles or sitting in the lounge overlooking the sea, sipping your favourite feni with delicious seafood could be the best way to spend your monsoons in Goa or, Read, sleep, gaze into the sea and listen to the sound of the roaring seas.

Monsoons in Goa means sudden bursts of torrential downpours which usually last for a short time, although occasionally but there are periods when it rains for hours and sometimes even days with some breaks. If relaxing in the cozy ambiance of your room is not your idea of fun, then there are a plenty of outdoor activities for the adventurous tourists like crab hunting or Trekking for ultimate experience. Go for quiet walks in the hinterlands and enjoy mind-riveting sights of white-washed churches and ancient temples resting against lush green paddy fields. The breath-taking  natural wonders of Goa have to be seen, to be truly enjoyed.

There are about 40 waterfalls in Goa but unfortunately most of them are seasonal and appear only during monsoons when there is heavy rains. Many of these waterfalls are located in the hinter-lands of Canacona (South Goa). Waterfalls located in the dense forests of Chorla Ghats and Valpoi require an individual to trek for many kilometres for spending their time in serenity and enjoying along with nature's beauty followed by a cool dip in pristine waters. Chorla Ghats, Canacona and Sattari are some must-visit places for tourists seeking for real adventure. In fact long drives towards Chorla Ghats, Canacona and Anmod Ghats is itself very joyful.

Celebrations in Goa during Monsoons

To make the monsoons more interesting Goans celebrate the feasts of Sao Joao and Bonderam Festival in August. Famous week long Damodar Saptah is also celebrated during monsoons which is paradise for shoppers. The magnificent celebrations are accompanied by the usual singing, dancing and vibrant music.

Advantages of visiting Goa during Monsoons

Due to off season the tourist are less so most of the hotels and resorts offer special monsoon packages at discounted rates. But to soak in the goodness of Goa in the rains, you must take up residence in the villages in the quaint inns or lodges set in picturesque surroundings of paddy fields and small streams.  Planning  a hoiliday in Goa during the  monsoons has its own charms. Everything is so green and lush as though it had been freshly washed by Mother Nature. The smell of the earth in the first rains is the sweetest smell; everything seems so fresh  and new. You can choose what you want, whether it is visiting the waterfalls, or hiking through forests and  mountains or bird watching or merely sitting indoors romanticizing with your partner. This is definitely the best time of year to check out the  waterfalls.

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