Activities in Goa during Monsoons

  • There are actually limited option for tourists during monsoons but some of the activities which are really fun to experience in Goa during monsoons include Safari Tours. In the surrounding areas of Goa one will come across a number of places that offer wildlife experiences. Some such places in Goa that are rich in wildlife are Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, among others. Nature is in its full bloom in monsoon and tourists can experience wildlife in it's most flamboyant form. Monsoon is also the perfect time to enjoy the overwhelming waterfalls of Goa. Dudhsagar, Arvalem, Kuskem falls are at their best during rains.

  • Fun on the beach is almost extinct during your trip to Goa in monsoons due to rough seas and high swells but Goa has another pleasant surprise for water sports enthusiasts, pure fun for the whole family. Yes, you can go for White Water Rafting in Goa on River Mhadei or Mandovi during monsoons. It is available from July to mid-October  subject to availability of rapids, adequate water currents in the river and suitable weather conditions.

  • If you are brave enough to walk through jungle paths and lesser travelled ways you are in for a treat. The places to trek are Dudh Sagar Water Falls among others. You can contact the trek organizers to check out the trekking dates. There is no place to stay so you can either rough it out in tents at the bottom of the falls where there is place to put up your tents or just head back before nightfall.

  • Amboli Ghats is another option. There are lots of places to go Trekking in this picturesque place. Not only will you come by waterfalls but also little streams. Accommodation is easily available for reasonable amounts. You can either get there by a cab or take a bus. Since you will be traveling a fair distance it would be judicious to spend a couple of days there.

  • Cotigao is another option. Here you can trek through the forest, go for an elephant ride; catch a glimpse of birds and wild life if you are lucky. You do not have to worry about accommodation here because they have rooms to let at very nominal prices.

Here are some useful contact details for schedule and details of Trekking:

  • Wildtrek - +91 98221 23458

  • Youth Hostel Association of India (Goa) - +91 98221 25868

  • Eco Treks - +91 94224 45444

Tours, Cruises and Watersports available during monsoons are:

  • North Goa Tour - This tour is organized round the year and covers important places in North Goa.

  • South Goa Tour - This tour is organized round the year and covers important places in South Goa.

  • Sunset Cruise - This cruise is organized round the year.

  • Sundown Cruise - This cruise is organized round the year.

  • White Water Rafting - Available only during monsoons. Please check the availability and book in advance from GTDC. Contact details are given below for your convenience.

These tours, cruises and white water rafting are organized by Goa Tourism Development Corporation, for booking and other details; they may be contacted on following details:

Important: Some of these tours, cruises and white water rafting are also organized by private tour operators and may be booked through the travels agents located all over in Goa. In case of group booking, discount may be sought for.


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