1 Day Trip to Goa

Even though it is impossible to enjoy Goa in 1 day due to its diversification but in view of such a short trip, the best possible way to cover maximum tourist destinations is to hire a taxi which is readily available. This saves time of looking looking for the places you want to visit during your 1 day trip. However, in a 1 day trip to Goa, one can try to combine combine two famous tours of Goa namely North Goa tour and South Goa Tour. Actually each tour is covered in single day but with the help of travel agent the most important places of these tours may be combined and covered in a day which includes renowned beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture. This tour should cost you Rs.1500 to 3000 by taxi. Agents may be requested to cover maximum places however insist on covering maximum from this list:

You may utilize the evening for experiencing various cruises in Panaji organized by Goa Tourism. Before retiring you can go for fabulous seafood served in a popular restaurants in your vicinity or if you still have the energy then enjoy the pulsating nightlife by heading for nearest discotheques or head for casinos. If your hotel is in North Goa then you have have plenty of choices such as Curlies, Tito’s etc.

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