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Location: Goa, India
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Sahakari Spice Farm


Sahakari Spice Farm is located in Kurti, Ponda.

How to Reach

Sahakari Spice Farm can be reached easily from Panaji by hiring a taxi or an auto or by bus. You can also hire a private van or jeep or motorcycle to reach Sahakari Spice Farm of Goa.


Goa is synonymous to its exotic beaches and pulsating nightlife. Tourists come here to enjoy the relaxed pace of life and rediscover themselves in peaceful and serene surroundings. But there is more to Goa than just beaches, churches, nightlife and casinos. A major attraction in the rural side is the spice plantation of Goa. Situated in the region called Ponda (central Goa), the spice plantations in Goa use organic methods of cultivation and farming. The spices that are produced are then cleaned and ground into powder.

The spice plantations of Goa are quite popular as a tourist attraction. On a typical excursion to the spice plantations, you shall begin your day by starting to explore the fields and the farms. It is very astonishing to see men climbing on very tall trees while maintaining a balance and at the same time plucking betel nut fruits from those swaying trees. The spice plantations are managed by people who have comprehensive knowledge and excel in technical know-how of farming spices. Some major spices produced in these spice plantations are: -

Black pepper Cardamom Nutmeg Vanilla Cinnamon
Cloves Chillies Coriander Cashew Bete nut palm

Apart from these spices, many tropical fruits are also grown here that include Custard apples, Papaya, Bananas, Pineapples, Citrus fruits, etc. Information regarding the major spice plantations are: -

Sahakari Spice Farm

Located at a distance of just 2 kilometers from Ponda, the Sahakari spice plantation is famous for its farms and grows many fruits. One of the most unique spices grown here is vanilla. The farm is spread over 130 acres and also has two small streams flowing right through.

Abyss Spice Farm

This spice plantation is located on high mountains amidst stunning surroundings near Ponda. Many tourists visit the Abyss spice plantation as it is famous for the medicinal herbs that are grown over here on a large scale.

Savoi Spice Plantation

This spice plantation is located at a distance of around 10 kilometers from Ponda. The main spices grown here are cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, turmeric, ginger, basil, nutmeg and pepper plantations. The cashew distillation unit is an added attraction here.


    9.00AM to 4.00PM, Open all days


    Rs.400/- (Inclusive of lunch and 30ml Feni. If you are lucky; may request & get more Feni).


    Sahakari Spice Farms, Post Box No. 31, Ponda Belgaum Highway, Curti, Ponda, Goa


    Phone: +91 832 2312394

    Fax: +91 832 2319826



GoaTourismTravel’s Recommendation - Sahakari Spice Farm is worth visiting.

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