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Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary


Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Kali river basin forests in Sanguem Taluka in Eastern Goa. Dabolim airport is 65 kms, Margao railway station is 45 kms and Panaji is 75 kms from Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary.

Area: 211.05 km2

Major Attractions

Black Panther, Giant Squirrel, Slender Loris, Great Pied Hornbills

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit this sanctuary is between the months of October to March. During this period the weather is pleasant and very little chances of rains.

How to Reach

From the airport or Margao railway station, you can hire taxis to reach the sanctuary. Buses and taxis are available from Margao and Panaji to Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. You can also reach sanctuary by hired motorcycles easily available in Goa.


Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is a major attraction for nature-enthusiasts, wildlife lovers as well as perfect for that relaxing yet adventurous short break. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is very popular forest reserve in Goa among the wildlife lovers. Netravali has been declared a wildlife sanctuary by the Government of Goa to protect its Western Ghats range. Netravali is connected to the Madei Wildlife Sanctuary and together the two parks cover an area of 420 km2, of which Netravali has 211.05 km2 area, supporting a very rich and a varied variety of wildlife. Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary lies between the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary to its north and Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary to its south.

Be prepared for an abundance of nature and thick dense forestation along your drive. Netravali has gained a reputation for its stunning forestation and diverse wildlife. You will also see a high range of mountains here which the local habitants consider religious and which are of socio cultural importance to them. You will come across a number of exotic birds and some animals. Some of the wildlife found here are the great pied hornbills, black panthers, slender loris, king cobras and the giant squirrels. Also a number of many other animals are found. Do stop at the charming and aptly named Bubble Pond. Kids will love this quaint water feature. The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is an extremely significant source of fresh water and known to be named after the Netravali which is an important tributary of the Zuari River.

Other Attractions

Savari Waterfall is located in Sanguem Taluka in Eastern Goa. It is amazing Waterfall requiring jungle walk along with mountain Climbing to reach. Any time during the year is the best time to visit this lovely waterfall. If you are adventurous enough, you have the zeal to walk the distance, no fear of the wild animals, this is the destination you can have fun and enjoy. Filled with greenery, the animals sound on the way make the journey more beautiful.

Oops!!! There is a danger of wild animals attacking you, but till date no such incident has been reported.

You are responsible to keep the environment safe. Do not light fire or throw the waste at one place only. Do not pollute the place.


Apart from the wildlife this area is extremely rich in moist-deciduous forest interspersed with semi-evergreen and evergreen forests deserves tourist appreciation. Nature enthusiasts will surely enjoy identifying the many species in their full and wild bloom.


The Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many highly endangered wild species. The other rare and notable animals include Black Panthers, Great Pied Hornbills, King Cobras, Giant Squirrels, and Slender Loris. Apart from these wildlife species, you can also see a number of other animals also.


Accommodation is available in forest rest houses run by the GTDC (Goa Tourism Development Corporation). The tourism department of Goa also takes care of food, thus making it an ideal place to spot creatures of the wild in their natural habitat.