Places Around Goa

Once you have completed your exploration of the sights of Goa, you can make it a point to visit the Places Around Goa. If you want to visit the places other than beaches because you have had enough of them, then you can head towards the other places.

We wish to inform you that we have provided details of four PLACES AROUND GOA as sub-menu:-

GoaTourismTravel’s recommendation for Amboli - To enjoy the peace and tranquility of this place; do stay for one night.

GoaTourismTravel’s recommendation for Murudeshwar - Travel  by your own transport due to number of places to visit. Drive is very pleasant. You may take first stop at Honavar, stay in a hotel and see the nearby places. Resume your journey visiting places around and stay in Murudeshwar, for an awesome evening. Plan and Visit the places around Murudeshwar; once finished head back to Goa. Use local transport for visiting places if you are travelling by train or a bus.

GoaTourismTravel’s recommendation for Hampi - To enjoy one of the finest historical sites of ancient age; do stay for at least two days & one night.