Dolphin Fantasy Cruise

Location: Goa, India
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Rs 2,016
one night

Dolphin Fantasy Cruise

Dolphin Fantasy Cruise takes you on an exciting trip to watch the dark graceful water beauties in an ever-playful mood enchanting the tourists with a rhythmic dance of love. The Dolphin Fantasy Cruise takes you close to the playful creatures of the oceans, the Dolphins. They happily swim along your liner and fascinate you with their playful antics.

While on a Dolphin Fantasy Cruise you will closely see the headlands jutting out into the sea along with the Raj Bhawan, Aguada Fort and Reis Magos. This journey reminds us of the bygone era of wars and dominance.

Dolphin Fantasy Cruise trips are conducted from October to May. Dolphin Fantasy Cruise is an economical journey. You need to hire a boat or take share boat cruises. You will find lot of Dolphins jumping around the sea. But make sure, you must take the early trip. Trips are of one hour duration and start from almost all resorts in Goa.

Timing is 7:00 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM and 10.00 AM. The 7 AM and 8 AM starts from only limited resorts but these are the trips which really you are going to enjoy. As time passes lots of boats all around the sea and Dolphins get disappeared. Try to take at least 9:00 AM trip, as in 10 AM trip you may not able to find any dolphin in the sea.

Rates and Timings

  • Dep. 7.00 AM, 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM and 10.00 AM

  • Rs. 200/- per head

Important: Cruise may be booked through the travels agents located all over in Goa.


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