Beach Hut in Goa

Location: Goa, India
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Rs 1,315
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Beach Huts

Location of Beach Huts

        In South Goa:

                                Agonda, Palolem, and Patnem beach

        In North Goa:

                                Stretch from Arambol to Morjim beach


Expect to pay anything between Rs.200 to Rs.6000. It’s a wide range depending on season and facilities available. Beach huts without attached baths are cheap. Some popular Beach Huts in Goa are:

Name Location Online Booking
Tina Beach Resort
Agonda Link
Cuba Patnem Beach Bungalow Patnem Link
Cuba Beach Bungalows Palolem Link
Bamboo House Goa Mobor Link
Cuba Agonda Agonda Link
Ozran Heights Beach Resort Small Vagator Link
Planet Goa Beach Cottages Calangute Link
Coco Mountain Huts Palolem Link
Paros Huts & Villa Morjim Link
Hi Tide Coco Huts Palolem Link


Beach hut is a small or moderate sized wooden accommodation above the high tide line on some of the bathing beaches in Goa. Often brightly coloured, Beach huts are commonly used as lodging making changing into and out of swimming costumes easier and for the safe storing of personal belongings. Some beach huts also provide simple amenities for beach lovers such as conveniences for preparing food and hot drinks by either bottled gas or occasionally electricity.

Goa known for its lovely boutique beach huts are an excellent alternative to hotels. A restorative night's rest in a beautiful hut on a Goa beach, being lulled to sleep by the sound of the sea lapping the shore, is a must. You can sleep in your bamboo hut just a few meters from the sea line, fall asleep with the sound of the waves and wake up in the morning, open your beach hut windows and find yourself in paradise, followed by wonderful fresh tropical fruit juices, and indulge your day in the sun, frolicking in the Arabian Sea. At night, delight in mouthwatering fresh seafood on any Goa beach, under the stars, and try some of the local brew, either coconut or cashew nut Feni.

Beach huts in Goa are generally very down to the earth and basic made on the seaside. Most of the beach huts are temporary structure constructed alongside the beach or just a few hundred meters away from the high tide line. Goa beach huts are traditional, economical to stay in and mostly made from natural and perishable materials. Some of the beach huts also provide ceramic flooring, basic pantry facilities and wooden beds to unwind in. Most of the beach huts are small in size comfortable enough for a couple having windows and thatched roof or Mangalore tiled roof. The walls can be of wooden or some natural material. Main advantages of all beach huts are their close proximity to the wonderful beaches of Goa that they are located on.

Most of the beach huts can be found in South Goa, particularly Agonda, Palolem, and Patnem beaches. You'll also find few beach huts on North Goa beaches along Arambol to Morjim stretch. Compared to what you get at a hotel for the same price, facilities are minimal, the reason is that the huts have to be pulled down every year and reconstructed for the season, which runs from around October to May. Consider the time of year you are hoping to stay in a beach hut. Prices vary greatly according to the time of year and availability can be tight especially during Christmas and New Year.

Beach huts owners provide guests with the option of booking beach huts online. Most of the beach huts will ask for advance deposit while some of them may charge up to 50% of the total amount of your booking. There are many options available for room deposit like PayPal transfer, bank transfer and western union transfer. The safest and best way to pay the deposit is possibly by PayPal transfer, especially if you do not know the person or the guest house.

Living at beach hut provides you the opportunity of enjoying spectacular sunsets of Goa during your stay. Beach huts are always close to the shore line, so one can have as many dips in the ocean as one pleases. Nature's swimming pool is never far away from any beach hut. Beach hut tariffs when compared to any other form of holiday accommodation in Goa are the lowest, cheapest and the best when compared to the value of accommodation they provide to the beach lover. Residing in a beach hut is a down to the earth experience and at the same time is exhilarating for romantic lovers. Couples find it very thrilling to live, love and spend quality time together in the simplest & modest accommodation that a beach hut or beach cottage can offer. Beach hut being basic with nominal luxuries helps people to connect with nature and an experience you cannot get in many places in the world.


GoaTourismTravel’s Recommendation – Stay in a beach facing Beach huts (usually without air conditioning) to get natural feeling and also it costs less.