Goa Muslim Festivals

Goa does not quite have a sizeable Muslim population and it ranks after Hindus and Christians. Though there are not many Muslim festivals in Goa, the main ones are celebrated with much joy and enthusiasm. The two main Muslim festivals that are celebrated in Goa are Id-ul-Fitar and Id-ul-Zuha. The Muslim colonies are beautifully decorated with streamers and elaborate feasts are prepared in Muslim households.

Id-ul-Fitar is a very important festival of Muslims. This festival is celebrated with much fervor by all Muslims all over India. In Goa, the Muslims prepare elaborate feasts and gather with family and close friends to celebrate. It is an important festival for the Muslims as it marks the end of the Ramzan month.

Id-ul-Zuha is celebrated by the Muslims to commemorate the sacrifice of Prophet Abraham's son. In Goa and all over India, Muslims prepare elaborate feasts and gather with friends and family to celebrate this auspicious occasion.