Available at all the major Beaches of Goa.

Best Time for swimming

October to April. During this period, the weather is perfect and the waters are placid making it ideal for taking a Swim.


The most common water sport is swimming, although it is least mentioned in the media.  The waters around the Goan beaches are warm and almost always safe except for monsoons. Swimming can be enjoyed by the young, the old, the infirm, the affluent and the budget traveller alike at almost all the beaches on Goan coastline.

Although, swimming is considered as one of the most sought and common water sports in Goa but still before trying your hand on it ensure that it's safe on that particular day. There are life guards at almost all Goan beaches, so check with them about the status of the sea, before you jump in. Especially if you are visiting Goa during monsoon, the undercurrents are very strong on most of the beaches making them unsafe for swimming. Thus it is advisable to do it in the presence of lifeguards and when the swimming flag is up on the beach. Red flags at the beaches means swimming is prohibited.


GoaTourismTravel’s Recommendation – Even though all the water sports are unique; we recommend swimming.

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