Agonda Beach, Canacona district.

Best Time for Fishing

October to April. During this period, the weather is perfect and the waters are placid making it ideal for Fishing.


Blessed with plenty of beaches, Goa is the ideal place to try out fishing. Imagine the pride and the winning smile on your face when you come back holding a couple of fishes and proclaiming it as your prized catch. Fishing is a great experience and definitely a de-stressor for your tired mind. Just head out with your friends or even alone with a fishing rod and some bait and just relax & wait for a curious fish to eat the bait.

Some of the most popular catches are rockfish, salmon, mullet, snapper, etc. You can also catch stingrays and groupers if lady luck smiles on you. The Agonda beach in the Canacona district of Goa is the most popular site for fishing. You can get the right equipment from the concerned authorities there. The bait usually consists of shrimps, sardine fillets and worms. The thrill and pride when you catch a fish and show it to your friends cannot be described in words.

The best months to indulge in fishing are October to April. This is the time when the seas are placid and there is plenty of fish to catch due to calm waters. Go a bit away from the shores as occasional swimmers may frighten away your catch. If you are not too confident about heading out in the sea, take a local fisherman with you who will be more than pleased to help you. Make sure you have the right equipment for fishing and follow the instructions given to you. Wish you Happy Fishing.


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