Dinghy Sailing


Dinghies are available for hire at the Cidade de Goa and the Taj Holiday Village. Instructors are available for beginners.

Best Time for Dinghy sailing

October to April. So, finally if you have made your mind to check out this exciting sport called dinghy sailing in the coming trip to Goa then remember that the ideal season for the sport is somewhere between the months of October to April. This is basically the season when the skies are observed to be clear and the azure waters of Goa behave in a placid manner.


A pleasant change from windsurfing is dinghy sailing, often referred to as ‘beer and sandwich’ sailing. Those who are not keen towards much adventurous sports but still feel inclined to sail may wish to try dinghy sailing. With the winds in Goa, so gentle most of the time, this particular sport offers its participants much time to relax. Dinghy sailing has recently become a hot and favourite water sport for those who want to enjoy something with the entire family as the speed factor is not there and less action is involved.

Dinghy Sailing is considered as one of the sports which do not require one to be a perfect athlete neither does one require to have lots of daring within to perform this sport. So if you are the one who has passion for sailing but is scared then the perfect water sport for you is dinghy sailing.

Single handed dinghy sailing should be one of the must do things on the wish list of any tourist to Goa. These 15 feet long crafts hold three to four people comfortably. The Zuari estuary at Dona Paula is an excellent learning area - its calm waters being the kindest Goa has to offer.

With two sails and side decks to sit upon, dinghy sailing is as much fun as windsurfing and it is not necessary to be either agile or youthful to enjoy this form of sailing. Dingy sailing in Goa is a very interesting activity.

Dinghy sailing is the activity of sailing small boats using the power of Wind. Dinghy (a small boat) is equipped with sails, which with the help of the winds sail on the sea. This activity aims to introduce a participant to the sport of sailing. Dinghy sailing is a popular water sport in Goa. It is almost like wind surfing sport, but it does not require as much efforts as is required in wind surfing.

Dinghy sailing is a pleasure activity as you can sail off the shore and relish the beauty of marine life. Dinghy Sailing is as much fun as Windsurfing. Sailing with dinghies in Goa provides an enthusiastic feeling and enjoyment in the mind of every water sports loving tourists. It does not require speed to propel the boat but it is a kind of windsurfing only. You can bask in the fun of fishing and slow boating at the same time through this sport.


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