Treasures at Majorda Beach Resort, Majorda is casino-cum-disco; has a slew of slot machines like Russian roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean Gold and Pearls, not to mention a pool table. The whole setup has been designed as a pirate ship with a rustic ambience and life-size statues of pirates greet you as you enter. Replicas of ancient muskets and guns hang on the walls above gunpowder barrels. The bar serves up exotic cocktails. The dance floor attracts a mixed crowd.

Set in the picturesque Majorda beach resort, Treasure casino is open to gamers from 12pm till 1am. The casino offers a variety of slot machines, black jack, poker, baccarat and roulette tables! This must be the only disco in Goa from where you can send an email.

Place: Majorda Beach Resort, Majorda.


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