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Sea Food

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Please click on this link to find a list of popular restaurants in Goa:- Popular-Restaurants

Goa not only has a varied culture but also a diverse cuisine. The famous cuisine of Goa is a must try for all those who are traveling to this wonderful place. Many people tend to limit the Goan cuisines to rice, fish and curry. Agreed, that is the traditional food of Goa and makes the daily meal of a happy Goan. But the local food of Goa goes beyond just rice, fish and curry. The cuisine of Goa is sure to leave your taste buds asking for more and there is definitely a lot to choose from. The variety in Goan cuisine is due to the fact that this place has been ruled over centuries by the Mughals, Hindu rulers, Portuguese, etc. who have really left a permanent mark on the traditional style of Goan cooking and have given it an exotic edge.

One of the most famous cuisines of Goa is the Ambot-tik. It is an exotic sweet and sour dish made of fish. Goa is famous for its sea food which is eaten and relished by people almost religiously. A die hard non-vegetarian will have the time of his life relishing sea food in Goa. Another traditional Goan snack would be Pao com Chouricos which is basically fried Goan sausage, sautéed with onions and served with bread. The typical Portugal style of soaking meat in a concoction of spices before cooking has been adopted as the typical Goan style of meat preparation.

Yet another very famous and delicious local food of Goa is the Pork Vindaloo in which pork is cooked in spicy and oily gravy. They say if you taste the Pork Vindaloo once, you won't like any other pork preparation. One can also find many common dishes like prawns, chicken, beef, etc. in Goa. Almost every other Goan dish uses rice, fish or curry in the preparation of a traditional food item. Coconut is also an important ingredient in Goan cuisine. Many dishes use coconut milk to give it a different aroma and an exotic flavour. The traditional Goan cuisine is not for those with a weak digestion though. The food is quite pungent and spicy and you don't want your stomach to grumble after indulging sinful gluttony.

Goa truly offers a palatable cuisine which should be tried at all costs. The best places to try local Goan cuisines are those small roadside restaurants. They may not have the looks of a grand five star hotel but they sure provide services that will win your heart over. You can expect the warmest people to provide you with every comfort they can afford. The food is prepared with generous doses of love and devotion. So make sure you try the traditional Goan cuisine that is sure to add spice to your vacation in Goa.

Goa has a varied platter to offer to its visitors and a delicious one at that. Eating out in Goa should not be a problem because Goa has many restaurants and eateries that are situated at all strategic locations. Be it beaches, cities, towns or even villages; you won't be left wondering as to where to eat in Goa. Goa has a variety of restaurants that offer multi cuisine platter also. Apart from that, you will come across many fast food joints like Domino's, Barista, Cafe Coffee Day in various towns and cities of Goa. Since Goa has been ruled by different empires, the cuisine is a mix of the best of all of them.

But in Goa, it is best to try the local food that is available in those shacks and restaurants. The variety is so wide that you couldn't possibly decide what to eat in Goa. Select from the delectable sea food or the lip smacking non vegetarian cuisines that Goa has to offer. Vegetarians need not fret as Goa has plenty to offer to you too. Rice is the staple food crop of Goa and along with that you can have a preparation of lentils, meat, sea food, etc. An exotic concoction of spices is used to prepare the meat, which tastes heavenly after being prepared in the traditional Goan style.

Goa is famous for desserts and also boasts of having some of the best quality of juicy fruits like custard apples, pineapples, etc. In Goa, mangoes are very popular and among the sweetest found here. Along with this, you can always try the innovative juices and mock-tails that are prepared by people. Also, do not forget to try the "Feni", Goa's popular alcoholic drink. It is advisable to drink in moderation as Feni is quite strong and can make you lose your senses in no time.


GoaTourismTravel’s Recommendation - Food lovers can positively relish food at following restaurants –

  • Martin’s Corner” is situated near Majorda Beach in South Goa. They are excellent in all kinds of food particularly sea food.  They serve European, Goan, Indian, Multi-Cuisine and Seafood. Some popular dishes are Prawn Curry Rice, Fish Recheado, Stuffed Fish.

  • John’s Seagull” is situated at Bogmalo Beach in South Goa. They are very good in sea food particularly red snapper baked in lemon or grilled.

  • Goan special thali (includes rice, fish curry and fried fish) is best served at “Sheela Restaurant and Bar” situated opposite St. Jacinto island on Vasco - Cortalim road. You may try jeera feni which is best served here. They also serve delicious seafood.

  • Please click on this link to find a list of popular restaurants in Goa:- Popular-Restaurants