Goa is a completely entertaining place, offering something to everybody. There are beach sports, casinos, rave parties, river cruises, grand shopping arcades and water sports to indulge in apart from exotic beach resorts, spectacular coral reefs and rich marine life to explore.

Trekking and Camping - Goa Trekkingand Camping Trips

October to December is the perfect time to go trekking in Goa. The Goa Hiking Association in Panaji organizes a major trekking program in October each year. The Goa Branch of the Youth Hostel Association of India also runs Trekking Expeditions and Family Camping trips in Goa every December. Some recommended places to trek and hike to include the Sahyadri Hills, Devils Canyon and the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Mollem, the Chandrasurya Temple in Netravali (2 hours south of Panaji), and the Kuveshi Falls to Castle Rock just over the border in Karnataka state.

Beach Sports

The warm golden sands and the lovely cool sea of Goa's beaches offer wonderful and refreshing opportunities to indulge in the vigorous beach basketball, the slower and easier beach volleyball, making sandcastles with the children or go in search of variety of shells with them in a beach combing expedition. Goa is the perfect place to indulge in beach activities with an irresistible combination of silvery sands, palm grooves and the playful sea waves alluring people with their tidal rhythm.


The entire amateur and the professional gamblers will certainly enjoy Goa, 'Las Vegas of India'. With the motto of 'Life is a Gamble', take the top-notch casinos of Goa that present popular games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps. The uniqueness of Goan casinos lies in the way they offer a delectable blend of cosmopolitan sophistication and friendly local hospitality. You can see the best casinos in Goa with an aura filled with excitement and vigor. One can also enjoy playing a small game while ship cruising through the seas luxuriously such as in Caravella.

Rave Parties

Goa's rave parties held every night around the time of New Year and Christmas are famous throughout the world. Started with an influx of drugged and drunken hippies from all over the world in the 1960s, they have now evolved to a more family-oriented mood and have given birth to a new music kind known as Goa Trance that characterize the nights of Goa. Multi-layered synth lines and sub-bass rhythms characterize this branch of techno-music. Rave parties are full of dance, music and fun.

Goa Fishing Tours

Catching a huge fish can provide quite a thrill and fishing trips are growing in popularity in Goa. Fishing is best in the early morning and late afternoon and from mid-October to mid-December in Goa. John’s Boat Tours in Candolim runs fishing trips for 800 rupees on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Goa-Fishing, based in Dona Paula, is operated by a licensed commercial/sports fisherman and provides a range of more expensive trips for serious fishers. These include fishing on the shore, full day deep sea fishing expeditions, and spear fishing off the reefs of Grand Island and Bat Island.

Dolphin and Crocodile Sightseeing Tours

Dolphin (and crocodile) spotting is a popular tourist activity in Goa. The best time is from October until May, while the monsoon isn’t around. Most boat cruises leave from near the mouth of the Mandovi River near Panaji. John’s Boat Tours is a reliable operator based in Candolim and they run dolphin trips on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays for 800 rupees. Crocodile trips run on Thursdays and Sundays and cost 1000 rupees. The price includes Goan food and beer.